How can F1 Fuji Speedway Organizer get away with this hell?


cktse asks:

We ended up queuing for 3.5 hours in the cold rain waiting for shut bus #92. Kids were crying. People shivering in the dark with no idea what’s going on, when they can be home.

No one was managing the crowd. No one even know where the line ends.

We ran to the bus stop as soon as the race ended. Looking back into our queue, which felt like the worst one of all, the line swing all the way back up the slope and i couldn’t even see the end. There must be hundreds out there who had to wait for 5+ hours to get on.

More tragedy: the road from shuttle drop off to parking area was unpaved and filled with mud. Lights were few and far in between so we have to navigate the mess in darkness.

Official excuse: heavy rain caused the delay?!

The organizer must take responsibility for its blatant lack of planning and crisis management. Everything we saw reflect a complete neglect of the needs & safety of their customers.

How to get our voice heard by the F1 management?

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Answer by dyno p
You could probably write a letter of complaint to the FIA, or an email on their website and if there are enough people who complaint they will take necessary measures to make sure this gets adressed. I doubt they can use rain as an excuse because from what I´ve heard rain on this circuit is like expecting sun in Bahrein, it´s pretty much always there in this season.
They will probably alternate with suzuka which the drivers prefer.

2 thoughts on “How can F1 Fuji Speedway Organizer get away with this hell?

  1. There is a lot of traffic on the Japanese sites about this debacle. I ended up walking to the station in the dark. Fortunately a kind resident of a nearby town picked us up and drove us part of the way. Reuters are saying the organizers are refunding $ 3.5 million for people with bad seats. There may be more to come I suppose if the complaints continue to pour in. One email address I found was
    good luck

  2. Thats fucked up. They know how the weather is and they didn’t plan anything for it at all. there’s no excuse for something like that. I’m going to shanghai next week, I hope nothing like that happens to me. I plan on getting drunk and passing out, hopefully i’ll wake up at some first aid tent and I won’t have to wait in line for anything.

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