GUYS ONLY!!! Do you think that he likes me?

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Sarah asks:

theres this guy at school that i like and i want to know if you think he likes me too. here are some examples:

-when talking in homeroom, instead of talking across the room like he does with everyone else, he came right over to my desk and sat down next to me.

-while my friend and i were at my locker, she told me that she saw him looking at me from his locker and that he smiled at me when he walked by.

-he smiles at me every time he catches me looking at him in history

-he and i always just “happen” to throw our trash away at the same time at lunch

– when he was drumming during one of the chorus songs, it looked like he was looking for me on the risers every couple minutes. and when he would find me, he smiled.

-when he and i were talking to our friend about religion, he and i both mentioned at the same exact time that we are atheists and he looked at me with sort of a new perspective (a good one because he was smiling)

-i sometimes catch him watching me during history (always smiling) and when i raise my hand he gives me his full attention (which he never does with anyone else)

– today when we were leaving history, he called my name in the hallway so we could talk and we walked to our lockers together. my friend came up behind us and started saying stuff like “o i see what you’re doing sarah” but he never stopped talking but he kind of blushed

please help me out if you think that he likes me or not and please tell my why you think what you do. thanks this could really help me because if you think he likes me too, then i will try to pursue him but you think that he doesnt like me, i will just stay his friend. thank you 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by joseph
Sounds like he likes you.

3 thoughts on “GUYS ONLY!!! Do you think that he likes me?

  1. Personally, I don’t think I would put in that much effort if I didn’t really like someone… So if he is anything like me he probably does like you…

  2. Hey Sarah he does like you! (read my last answer for details) Go for him! Ask him out like say “hey wanna grab some starbucks or something?” then boom take it from there

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