Can I wash a plastic shower curtain in the washing machine?

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God is Good asks:

It’s a good, thick one and I’m sick of replacing it. We have hard water, so it never looks clean.

Also, is it okay to wash a fabric outside shower curtain?

What settings would I use?

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Answer by LoVeLY LaURa
i think it would be okay, but make sure to put it in cold water.

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  1. No, in my experience they go all crinkly and rubbish and are never the same again.

    I just finished cleaning ours…

    I spray on bathroom cleaner, something with bleach if there is mould, or something acidic if there’s limescale (never use both at once!) and leave it over-night.
    Then just get in there with a sponge and wipe (there is, in my opinion, no way of cleaning a shower fully clothed).
    If there are still marks, do it over the next night.
    What I found helps stop it building up to nastiness in again is to spray it with anti-mist, or a shower spray after you use the shower. It makes it easier to manage in the long run.

  2. I washed my plastic one all the time in cold water using vinegar and ammonia on the regular cycle.

    The cloth one depends on fabric. I’d use gently cycle, color fast detergent, and cold water. I’d hang both to dry. Just hang them back on the shower rods.

  3. Yes. Just put it in the washing machine along with a cup of white vinegar on the warm water setting without detergent. When it is done, hang it back up and let it drip dry. DO NOT put it in the dryer. And you can also wash your fabric shower curtain the same way or with detergent. But again, do not put it in the dryer.

  4. The fabric one should wash up fine. I have washed plastic shower curtain liners and sometimes they wash up well and other times, they shred into a million plastic ribbons. I would use a warm wash (to keep the plastic pliable) and watch it, or check it often. Use a gentle cycle, too. I think that it depends upon the curtain liner — the heavier vinyl-plastic ones probably wash better than the cheaper plastic ones. I quit trying to wash them and I have to just replace ours periodically. Good luck.

  5. Yes you can. Cold water, delicate or hang dry cycle, very small amount of detergent. Remove promply and re hang on shower hooks.

  6. I have done it before with my heavy-duty plastic curtain… put it right in with the cloth curtain and a few other things so the agitation would rub of all the dirt. It didn’t work either time… still came out dirty. I had to use a scrub brush to get it clean.
    I used my regular settings… with warm water.

  7. 1) Cold water, or Warm.. NOT HOT, melting.. bad
    2) Bleach
    3) A TINY bit of laundry detergent
    4) Absolutely NO dryer.

    Mine looks sick too.. my boyfriend works construction and his dirt gets all over it and stays put!!

  8. You sure can I do it all the time, I have a white plastic curtain, and I put a bit of bleach in and wash it on a regular setting, with hot water, if yours is a coloured curtain, use warm water. Make sure you take it out when it is done and hang it up as soon as possible.

    For the fabric one, again warm or cool wash, and use a gentler setting. Perhaps the perma press cycle.

  9. Buy some “the works” for toilets, you won’t believe how it takes all that off just spray it and leave it alone for a lil bit.

  10. I’d say yes to the cloth one, but no to the plastic one.

    If you have a flat surface outside (a deck would be best, or a driveway) scrub the sucker clean… Or just buy a new one. They are probably no more than 15 bucks.

  11. I wouldn’t wash the plastic one, but I am sure you can wash the fabric one. I would just wash it normally.

  12. You can actually wash it by hand–or by foot. Put it in the tub with some laundry detergent and swish it around with your feet. You might have to let it soak some too. But this’ll get it very clean quickly. Then rinse in the tub, and hang it back up.

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