Can a US Greencard holder with prior foreign military service join the US military?


Lou168 asks:

I am a greencard holder from the UK with Reserve military service there. I have been told previously that I can join and some have told me I cannot. Can someone shed some light on this for me?

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Answer by Mark B
You can join. A legal resident (non-citizen) is allowed to join the US military. I went through Airborne school with a Soldier who was a Canadian citizen.

3 thoughts on “Can a US Greencard holder with prior foreign military service join the US military?

  1. Unless things have changed, I am sure you can. My supervisor in Korea (a Korean) was formerly in the ROK army for 3 years (active). After his discharge, he emmigrated to the US and joined the US army as a green card holder. Before his enlistment was up, he became a naturalized US citizen. After that he joined the US air force and stayed until retirement. He also held a top secret security clearance as well.

  2. Sure. Here is your Light. In your case as a US Green Card holder, you can join/enlist on any branch either the US Army, US Marines, and/or US Navy as long as you are a legal resident of the US. Not sure if they lifted the requirements on the US Airforce, on the US Airforce they only allow US Citizens (used to be not sure now). The big difference of being a green card holder vs US citizen is that you cannot join the military as an Officer because they require US citizenship. You can join the US Military as an enlisted. Also, it does not matter if you have a UK reserve experience because that doesn’t count for your promotion but it will help you understand the military way of life.

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