Can a green card holder who obtained it through asylum travel to their home country?


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NOTE: The GC holder is now a Lawful Permanent Resident. Does it matter how the GC was obtained? Thanks.

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Answer by Ali A
Green cards can be revoked. Kind of puts the lie to “persecution” if you back to your home country UNLESS, say, there’s been a regime change or something similarly dramatic that makes it safe for you now to go back.

6 thoughts on “Can a green card holder who obtained it through asylum travel to their home country?

  1. A green card is irrelevant. as it is not a passport or travel document.

    Does the GC holder have a passport? If so, they can travel internationally on it

    If they don’t, do they have a refugee/asylee travel document issued by the US government instead of a passport? If so, they could travel to their home country on it, but if they do, they may well have to explain why they did it and no longer feel in fear of persecution, and their status as having asylum in the US may well be withdrawn on the grounds that they no longer qualify for asylum as they feel safe going back home. It would look extremely strange to voluntarily go back to a country they presumably fled from. (For this reason, travel documents issued by the UK to asylum-seekers actually have printed in them that they are not valid for travel to the country of origin – in the course of my job I’ve seen quite a few of them.)

  2. Of course it matters how it was obtained. If obtained through asylum, I hope your really were in danger of persecution due to politics. Otherwise, you lied and if they find out they can strip you of your citizenship.

  3. It is just the way the current system is as all those whom have Green cards are given the exact same rights,therefore asylum approved applicants can travel wherever they want.

    Just the way the system works but imo it should be changed.

  4. Yes. But,I think anytime someone gets a green card through asylum because they are in fear for their life if they return to their home country,should be looked at very closely for fraud if they do in fact return. Why would someone who flees for their life then return to the country they are afraid of living in unless they weren’t truthful in the first place.
    If the person returns to their home country,they will get no protection from the US embassy while there. They are not citizens and are not given protection.

  5. Of course not

    You cant say “Oh I fear for my life every day while in this country please help me”

    and then the next week go their on vacation.

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