How to clean ickiness off a plastic shower curtain?

Shower Curtain

Anne asks:

I am having a plumbing problem that means that my bathtub does not drain for a few hours after a shower. As a result, the bottom of my plastic shower curtain liner has been sitting in shower water, and it is becoming discolored. I’m wondering how I can clean it to get rid of the discoloration. The curtain is clear. Thanks!
The reason it’s worth my trouble: It has a design on it that shows through my outer cloth shower curtain in a nice silhouetted way. I bought it at a specialty shop in Boston and haven’t seen another like it.

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Answer by vhines200
Given that clear shower curtain liners cost <$ 5 why not just get a new one? How much is your time worth? And simply replacing the old one is definitely less icky!

How do some reactions, in a closed container, change the pressure within that container?


blue asks:

How do some reactions, in a closed container, change the pressure within that container? The number of atoms, the concentration, does not change – so how can this be?

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Answer by Yash Karan
its PV=nRT

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yashkaran singh

Is a whiskey flask considered an open container by the police?


onionmaster asks:

If i get pulled over with a hip flask with whiskey in it, could that be considered an open container even if i had not been drinking from it. To my understanding, even alcohol in its container (fifth bottle, etc.) is considered to be an open container if the seal is broken.
I live in Louisiana, which probably doesnt change anything because, while we have incredible leniency towards drinking, common practice governing drinking and driving is brutally stringent.

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Answer by irishjwb333
yes, in most municipalities it would be considered an open container

How do I get my bathroom floor ready for self adhesive tiles?


Stephanie asks:

I wanted to put some self-adhesive tile in my bathroom because some Nazi thought that it was cool for carpet to be in the bathroom. When I attempted to pull up the carpet to see what was under there, said Nazi had GLUED the carpet to the concrete. What do I need to do to prep my floor for a make-over?

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Answer by extex_cop
Sounds like you have a lot of work ahead for you…..scraping…sanding…cleaning….and sealing off the bare concrete.

What is the best type of guitar wall hanger to get?


Guitar player 17 asks:

Im going to buy a Glen Burton Alien (copy of the Silvertone Apocalypse Paul Stanley guitar) and it cant be stored on a guitar rack or stand, so im thinking a wall hanger is the way to go. Im wondering what is the BEST possible guitar wall hanger that I can buy? I want something that is built to last, heavy duty, and something I can trust wont fall off the wall and hurt my guitar.

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Answer by misantropology
I recently bought a Hercules. It is designed so the front has to arms that prevent the guitar from sliding forward off the hanger. When you lift the guitar, the arms automatically open. I have a Fender Dreadnought Grand Acoustic (solid wood and very heavy) hanging on it, and it is holding very well. Make sure you follow the directions when you install it. You’ll want to make sure you use a drill to make uniform holes, and the proper studs inside the holes for your type of wall.

Building an Accent Bench Introduction

Lowe’s Shop Class host, Keith Flippen, introduces the next woodworking project: building an accent bench with storage. This four part video series includes: Part 1 – Frame Assemblies Part 2 – Slats, Base, Bottom Supports Part 3 – Bottom, Dividers, Seat, Arms Part 4 – Doors and Finish For detailed measurements and written directions for this particular project, visit To find additional Shop Class projects visit

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