Why is adware legal? Isn’t that just as intrusive as a computer virus?

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B-Krak asks:

I got an adware icon in my system tray that says I need to “click here to check my computer for spyware” which won’t go away. When I click it, it takes me to the site selling adware removal software. Isn’t this really poor business ethics? Why is this legal?
No Software was voluntarily installed. The only thing I think may have happened is the customer may have entered a gambling site and been tricked into clicking yes on something, but that isn’t the point. Why is adware legal when it drops so many popups it renders the internet virtually unusable?

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Answer by Czar
Adware is legal, because you should have read the terms of the software you installed. Nothing is really free in life. It’s like signing to sell your soul to the Devil, might seem easy and nice, but it sucks. You need to uninstall the “FREE” software you downloaded and then run Spybot Search and Destroy to clean all remainings of spyware and adware.

5 thoughts on “Why is adware legal? Isn’t that just as intrusive as a computer virus?

  1. its not illegal because it is NOT spyware

    adware can be annoying but cannot do anything (damage) to your computer

    i hate adware too

  2. who said that it is legal. it is not legal unless and untill you wish to get the advertisement on your mails or on your pc.

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