White/Westinghouse spacesaver-how to remove back cover?


rkrueger1980 asks:

We just moved into an appartment and there is a 10 year old model here…the pump seems shot and I need to remove the back cover from the washer unit. took out the phillips screws and the nuts at the bottom, but no movement. i see the plastic clips, but I think I am missing something…how does this come off?

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Answer by plezurgui
I am not familiar with that model, but washers and dryers are notoriously difficult to get into. I had a washing machine once that the top was hinged in the back and the front was in place with clips. I had to pry up on the front to disengage the clips. Some panels just need to be slid up after the screws have been removed. You might try googling the model number and the word disassemble. Good luck.

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  1. YEAH YOU’RE MISSING SOMETHING!!! It’s front serviceable!
    take the front panel off, and put back all the rear screws ya took out. look for panel screws at bottom front!

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