When washing a vinyl shower curtain in the washing machine, should I use hot, warm, or cold water?

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The Grit asks:

I know not to dry it in the dryer!

I’m asking this because I asked earlier if you could wash a vinyl shower curtain in the washing machine, and I received suggestions from different people about different temperatures.

So, I’m trying to find a consensus on what the best temperature is.

Best answer:

Answer by Annette B
I use warm water ,but I don’t wash mine in the washing machine I soak it in a tub and rinse it, this will prolong the life of the shower curtain especially if it’s vinyl . That is my point of view!,

11 thoughts on “When washing a vinyl shower curtain in the washing machine, should I use hot, warm, or cold water?

  1. I wash mine in the washing machine on hot and add some Pine Sol or other disinfectant. Taking it out immediately and hanging it while the curtain is still warm will help it straigten out.

  2. id say wash on a 50 degree wash that should be hot enough and put in lots of washing ppowder and fabric softner as well hope this answered u question

  3. I’d use Mean Green and then spray it off with the water hose using cold or warm water. However, for $ 1.98 at Wal-Mart, you can just replace it.

  4. I washed mine in HOT with a few old rags…it came out new!!

    don’t forget to add bleach to the washer as well as a little detergent to get it clean and take off the mildew or other stain’s.

  5. Use hot water, so it will clean it well & kill the bacteria, but don’t use bleach. Despite what you may think or what others may tell you, yes, you can put your shower curtain in the dryer. Using the lowest heat setting (delicate) put the curtain in for about five minutes. Take it out of the dryer, & hang it back up immediately. That little bit of time in the dryer, will allow you to rehang the curtain without being so stiff & getting all wet. Once you have the curtain back up, spray both sides with Lysol. It keeps the mold from building back up on it as quickly.

  6. I wash mine in hot. I have a heavy clear liner. If you have a thin liner, I would use warm. The hot and warm waters will soften the vinyl and it might rip if it is thin. It will move around in the wash easier than if you use cold water. I don’t like cold, because it stiffens the vinyl, and you might have to move it around and wash it a few times to get it really clean. I do rinse in cold, and I throw it in the dryer (heat) with a few dry towels, for a few minutes to get the “wrinkles” out.

  7. Hot water & don’t forget the bleach OR white vinegar. I also add some fabric softener as well. I know it sounds stupid but it really helps the vinyl relax and moves much better.

  8. I wash them in hot water, gets rid of the mank…never had a problem with it breaking down the vinyl or anything…if they are particularly nasty, some bleach. =0)

    Edit: Julia B: Nice! I never thought about fabric softener…I always relied on the steam from the shower to relax them…=0)

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