What’s the best way to make an orange laundry hamper?

Laundry Hamper

Depth asks:

I want to buy one of those tall plastic laundry hampers and paint it orange, because my friend mentioned she wanted one a long time ago. Her birthday is coming up, and I think she’d really like this present. It’s also her sixteenth, so yeah.

What I want to know is : what kind of paint should I buy?

paint brushes?

how much paint to buy?

paint that won’t peel, etc?

Best answer:

Answer by dali333
if you can find it in orange, buy plastic paint(specially for plastics).its surprisingly durable.one can should be plenty.

3 thoughts on “What’s the best way to make an orange laundry hamper?

  1. You can get spray paint made for plastic. I can would do a hamper. Just make sure you spray outside, and cover the ground/surrounding area.

    Could also paint a wood or wicker one the same way.

  2. If it is plastic you have to use fusion paint (at almost any store that sells spray paint.) OR you could buy a cool basket hamper and spray it with orange paint.

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