Whats the best way to give your bathroom a “hotel type” clean look?

s0ul_exp0sed asks:

I need to make a bathroom spotless and I do mean spotless. What order do you follow when you clean a bathroom as in what do you start first, etc. etc.

Any special tips or tricks for cleaning a bathroom?

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Answer by dmngoodwmn1
Sinks, tubs, walls then floor so that nothing from sink or tub leaks to floor as u clean. You might need to scrub the floors and cracks on your hands and knees. LOL.

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  1. this is what I do:

    Step 1: I use toliet cleaner in the toliet and let that soak and disinfect while im doing other things.

    Step 2: I start with cleaning the sink, counter, faucet with a cleaner such as pine sol cause i like the smell or a bleach cleaner for a more disinfectent cleaning. I also clean the sink first because any dirt or debris on the sink will fall on floor.

    Step 3: Clean the toliet. Starting with the outside, moving behind the toliet seat and getting the sides of the tank with a bleach cleaner to disinfect. Then i move on with the toliet lid, seat both sides and the actual main toliet the rim, sides, and underneath the toliet on the far far sides. ( this area seems to collect alot of dust and dirt) then lastly i clean the inside of the toliet with a brush and not flushing so i can let it soak even more.

    Step 4: If its nesseacary to clean the walls then clean them with a wall cleaner or a pine sol. If theres mold clean with proxide, i know you hear often to clean with bleach but proxide is not as concentraded as bleach and works better at killing the mold.

    Step 5: Clean the bath tub. If it is unbelivable dirty with ungodly stains and what not soak the tub with bleach. Then go back with a sos pad or a very strong sturdy pad and scrub in well venalated area then after that or if its not that bad just needs a good clean with an awsome shine, what i use is Comet Powder and a sponge. I start from the sides while standing inside the bath tub and once im done with the sides i get out of the bathtub and scrub the actual tub. If you have tile in ur tub and there are mildew spots i would suggest spot cleaning those areas with bleach and a grout scrubber which are sold at stores for like a dollar and are really really tough. Once im done with that i rinse the tub out wipe the top and outside tub part off with a sponge.

    Step 6: leave the mirror for last just incase u splash something up, use windex and paper towels for the mirror and light fixtures.

    Step 7: Sweep floor

    Step 8: Empty trash.

    Step 9: Spot clean hidden cornors and cracks in the floor such as the base board or cornors around the tub and around sinks and behind the toliet. After getting into the cracks and cravas’s take a swifter wet jet or if u have a perfered way of mopping and mop leaving that for last.

    Step 10: Remeber to reguarly keep display or special occasion hand towels washed even if they arent used. Wash alll bathroom rugs about once a week, and if you would like to add that finishing touch fold the toliet paper into a triangle and tuck it under 🙂

  2. First, take out everything out of the bathroom. I start by cleaning the bathtub and rinsing it well with cool water. Next, wipe the tile walls around the bathtub, then if you like, you can wash the walls. Then clean the toilet with a toilet brush (that you don’t keep in the bathroom). After that, wipe off the counter and clean the sink(s) and clean the mirrors. We use an oxygen-based liquid cleaner for bathrooms to clean everything in the bathroom. Last, wash the floor. Keep your decor to the bare minimum to make cleaning easier.

    If you want it to look like a hotel bathroom, choose a hotel that has what you like and want to copy Here’s what we did:

    1) Change the sinks and the towel bars, and paint a little
    2) Buy towels of the best quality you can afford, or something you like. Get them in white and do the same with the bath mat .Make sure it’s terrycloth.
    3) Keep the counter simple: a stand or nice ‘basket’ for facecloths, a couple of glasses with coasters. Find a nice plastic or porcelin or glass soapdish. You may need to hunt for the small soaps – use regular-sized soaps instead.

    To keep it that way, you’ll have to clean rather frequently. It isn’t that hard to do.

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