What wiring hook up for brake lights does a travel trailer from the 70s typically have?


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I just bought a 17 foot Monitor 2 travel trailer from 1975, and I am having wiring hooked up to a hitch tomorrow. I will not have time to inspect the trailer until saturday (it is a good distance from where i live), when I have to pick it up. In the 1970s, was there one general type of wire hook up I can count on being the correct wiring hook up, or do I really need to inspect the end of the trailer’s wiring before hand?


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Answer by automechtech
Well for your safety and others Yes. I would check all the lights in the rear of the trailer. They normally have the same wiring set up as we do today. Unless someone changed it that didn’t know how. It takes a 4 wire connector either flat or round. They sell adapters for either.Don’t exactly remember the colors, but I believe the Black is ground, the brown is tail light, and the green is right turn, the yellow is left turn. Remove the old tail light lenses on the trailer and remove the old bulbs if corroded replace and use a bit of sand paper wrapped on pen or penile and sand the inside of the sockets if corroded for better contact. Before connecting the trailer plug wire to your vehicle plug you can test each individual wire separate. with a jumper wire and a test light.Compare the wire colors and Connect each and look at the trailer light to come on. Check the ground for each light also where it connects on the trailer. good luck

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  1. If you are trying to wire plug like the old days to a new truck , will not work . There is an adapter relay you will need . The trailer is on a typical 4 wire system and newer trucks are on 7 .

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