What size bag did you pack for the hospital when pregnant?


carogator28 asks:

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and trying to pack a bag for the hospital. I have downloaded all sorts of lists detailing all of the things you should bring, but it seems like it will take a pretty big bag to hold all of it. What size bag did you, or are you planning to use? I read something about using a carry-on size bag, but my bathrobe alone takes up alot of it (forget about snacks, a change of clothes for me, the baby, and my hubby, etc.) Thanks!

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Answer by Kirby
Mine is a big ol’ duffle bag with a small backpack for the baby.
I wouldn’t worry about the size of the bag- I’d be concerned if I underpacked and needed to send my husband home to get more things!

39 weeks and counting!

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  1. Why do you need to pack clothes for your hubby? Is the hospital that far away that he can’t go back home for the night?

    You won’t need snacks. They provide you with 3 big meals per day at the hospital — probably more than you’ll want.

    I just pack a small bag with whatever I would need for an over-night. Even if you are there more than one night, you won’t be dressing up during your stay — you get to lounge in your pjs all day — nice! Don’t worry about make-up or anything like that. Bring travel size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, etc. It really shouldn’t take up that much room. They have soap there, plus all your towels, bedding, etc.

    A new outfit for baby is no big deal. Baby clothes are so small they can fit in your pocket. The hospital will give you diapers for the road.

    I also like to bring something to do during all my free time (new baby sleeps a lot and I don’t have to worry about my other kids, for a change — wow, it’s like being on vacation) I bring the baby book and some knitting or reading.

    Try not to pack too much stuff. The hospital will even provide you with a nightgown if you want. You will be plenty warm so no need for a bathrobe. You’ll be in bed most the time, anyway.

    Remember, you will probably be getting lots of flowers and visitors with gifts, so you will have enough stuff to cart back home without having a huge suitcase on top of it.

  2. I use a smaller sized suitcase to bring my things. I wouldn’t bother with bringing many clothes. I wore the hospital’s gowns (and disposable underwear!!) during my visit. We left the hospital with more than we cam with! We brought all the cds, books, magazines, etc.. but didn’t really use much. The labor was quite distracting, so I didn’t find any leisure in reading, and the time went by fast after her birth.

  3. you don’t end up wearing anything you bring to the hospital, so I would pack lightly on the clothes for you, just wear the outfit you go the hospital in, bring a pair of pj’s (which you’ll prob only wear 1 day while you are there. Bring 2 outfits for baby (I only brought one for my 1st pregnancy and the day we were leaving got the baby dressed and bundled and the baby ended up pooping through everything and I didn’t have any extra clothes for him!! Depending how far away the hospital is, your hubby may go home to get changed, if not, he can pack a seperate bag for himself and leave it in his car so that you don’t have to carry that extra bag into the hospital. Just make sure the bag you bring in with you has the essentials you need, snacks, headset, clothes, etc. Good Luck! I used a duffle bag to bring to the hospital by the way. The hospital will send you home with diapers, wipes, etc….so don’t worry about bringing that stuff.

  4. well I’m bringing 3 nappy/changing bags with me and they ate full to the brim!! I bring the same last year when I has my son and of didn’t seem too much, just make sure your partner can carry it as when your in labour you won’t want to haul luggage around! X

  5. I know when I had my children the most important things to bring were change of clothes for the baby including PJS the hospitals arent always the best, As well as all items you will need to take a comfortable bath, and comfortable clothes for yourself, as I dont think It matters how big the bag is just as long as you have the essentials.
    Relax I know you are impatient to meet your baby. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am using a small carry-on suitcase. I had the same issue with the bathrobe too so I bought another one that is a little thinner to make it fit in the suitcase I was already packing. I actually packed a diaper bag for my son and my hubby packed his own bag.

  7. I took the medium size luggage bag in our luggage set. Sleep clothes for hubby and change for next day (took one extra shirt for him because I had to stay an extra day with first daughter), Robe, 2 gowns, panties/bra, outift to go home in (took two shirts because you never know what size you will be), and I packed the babies stuff in the diaper bag. Sometimes those lists go over board…just relax and get what you can…enjoy the process!

  8. I used a small duffel bag and a small shaving bag with my son and a medium size suitcase with my daughter.There are a lot of things on those lists that you don’t need especially stuff for baby.

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