What should I do when I hear a hissing sound in my laundry hamper?

Laundry Hamper

Davidness asks:

This is funny cuz I in the corner of my room right now scared to get near it. Exhilerating but scary too. My first instinct was to throw something at my laundry pile but what if something comes out and heads in my direction lol. My room is a pretty crowded place too, so it going anywhere else would surely make things worse. The hamper is next to my door so I don’t wanna get try and get out. I heard it the 3rd time now.

Dammit, why isnt there a “other” category or “scenario” category. where should I put it….
This is happening right now btw. And I am trying to act like I am not noticing the sounds so whatever is hissing does not sense fear in me lol.
No phone in my room lol. Maybe I can IM someone lol.
Weeeheee my stupid cell phone got smashed and instead of the normal vibrating sound, I get a stupid hissing sound. I am so relieved and mad at the same time. GRRRRR phew….

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Answer by *Answer*Guru*
two words- Controled Fire 😀

Call Stever Erwin? Honestly… most local police departments have animal conrtol on call. If you think its a snake… just call the police. If you live in an area like me, the only thing they have better to do right now is sit and radar people.

8 thoughts on “What should I do when I hear a hissing sound in my laundry hamper?

  1. Is it loud or soft, because depending on where you live it could also be a possum, or a raccoon, in which you need to be very careful, since rabies shots are very painful. My husband brought a possum home once and thought he could make it into a pet. Wrong, it was a mean little creature and not happy about being removed from his surroundings. His mom had been killed and anyway it sure hissed something terrible, Then last summer when we where irrigating a mother raccoon and her babies almost got washed away. My husband tried to rescue them and they also where mean little shizas. Talk about hissing…. I’m really not pulling your leg.

    Can’t you scream for your mom? She might be able to help. Climb out the window and go get help.

    Well at least you will live another day, but you might just be in trouble, how are the girls suppose to call you now.!
    I’m glad it wasn’t a giant snake. All’s well that ends well!

  2. Just call Firemen, I’m serious. They handle this kind of situation. (you have aphone with you right?).

    or you can try calling 911

  3. Call animal control. Where do you live? It many be a snake and if so DON’T TOUCH IT. If it’s IN the hamper..leave it be and maybe put something on top so it doesn’t escape.

    Call animal control.

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