What items are nessesary in a pencil case?

Pencil Case

Lauren m asks:

im in yr 8 and getting new stationary 2moz. What sized pencil case should i buy and what do i need in it. I wanna get sharpies

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Answer by bansisdead
shouldnt u be at school

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  1. Well, probably pencils (I prefer mechanical with .09 lead), maybe red and black-ink pens, I always carry a pink-ink pen with me, a pink pearl eraser, and chapstick. I’m not a fan of sharpies. They smell bad and the bleed through everything. But if you want them, try the new sharpie pens, my husband swears by them.

  2. 2-3 pencils


    Small glue

    An eraser

    A small pack of colored pencils

    Also no bansisdead she is not suppose to be in school, because middle school students go to school around 7 o’clock.

  3. i suggest u buy a cloth pencil case and not those metal ones. ull need a few pencils ( in case ur friends wanna borrow 1), a few pens, a ruler, erasers, math stuff ( protractors etc.) and emergency lipgloss! 🙂

  4. you need quite alot you need maths essentials
    coloring pencils
    black and blue pen
    and a pretty but spacious pencil case 🙂

    whs smith do really lovely ones

  5. Blue, black and red ballpoint pens.
    A pencil, a sharpener and an eraser.
    A (small) ruler.
    A calculator.
    Correction fluid.
    A permanent marker.

    I love buying stationery. Haha.

  6. uh couple of pens plus a diff coloured few

    dont get a large pencil case, you should be able to get what you need in a nice slim one

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