what is the shelf life of yogurt not in the refrigerator?


katharine t asks:

what is the shelf life of yogurt not in the refrigerator. i accidentally left it out on the counter overnight. would the yogurt still be good? it was just the individual yogurts, but it was a couple of them. would they still be good?

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Answer by lazydaysranch
Sealed yogurt will not spoil overnight. You may or may not care for the food if it is not cooled down. There are many people who will throw it out due to their own fears of something spoiled. My motto has worked for me over the years… smell it, taste it and if you are still agreeable eat it.

3 thoughts on “what is the shelf life of yogurt not in the refrigerator?

  1. It will be just FINE. Anyone who says different doesn’t know how yogurt is made. You make yogurt by leaving it at room temperature so the bacteria can grow in it. You don’t need to refrigerate it at all actually. Check it out on Wikipedia if you don’t believe me. But you might be grossed out at the actual process of how it becomes yogurt:

    Yoghurt is made by introducing specific bacteria strains into milk, which is subsequently fermented under controlled temperatures and environmental conditions (inside a bioreactor), especially in industrial production. The bacteria ingest natural milk sugars and release lactic acid as a waste product.

  2. Any dairy product left out overnight would be suspect in my book, especially one with living things already in it. But would that prevent me from eating it,… probably not 🙂

  3. no they wouldn’t still be good. once it has gotten to room temperature it will start growing bacteria that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, or worse. it would be ill-advised to eat it after being out all night unrefrigerated.

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