What is it called when the storage compartment is in the hood?


JaniceeLynn asks:

In some Porsches (maybe others too) the engine is in the trunk. So what would that mean for the storage compartment in the front? Because the “trunk” is the back of the car, and the “hood” the front. So if I had the storage compartment in the front, as opposed to the average car where it’s in the rear, what would that be called?

Or would I just say, “Hey, I’ll put my bags in the hood.” ?

I mean, it sounds weird, don’t you think?

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Answer by designergenes
The Porsche Boxster is a rear mid-engine design, with trunks on both ends! How are you going to deal with that?

To me, the “bonnet” (And no, I’m not British.) has always referred to the cover over the engine. If we go with that, then the Boxster has no “bonnet.” It has a trunk in the back where you can access the oil filler and dipstick, and it has a front trunk (All work on engine compartment mechanicals is done from beneath the car).

I’d say a trunk is a trunk, and if necessary we add adjectives to specify where to find the specific trunk we’re talking about.

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  1. The luggage compartment, or boot. The engine is not actually in the “trunk”, it is reffered to as the engine compartment

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