What is involved in installing a shower basin? How do i hook up the drain?

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You have to figure where the shower drain will be. For instance if it is a 3′ sq. shower basin, then the drain will be 1′ 6″ to the center of space that the basin is installed in if the drain is in the center. Once you determine where the drain goes you have to install a p trap with a riser that will terminate just below the surface of the shower floor. You then slide the shower over the drain pipe and onto the floor. The shower pan should come with a rubber seal that will fit over the drain pipe to center it and prevent water from leaking around the drain. Then install the drain screen. If you have any problems email me @ garager@sbcglobal.net

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  1. I have a video that will give you a detail step by step information. Check out my web site under shower floor repair for info.
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  2. Ask for a schematic drawing of the shower basin from your supplier if you are waiting for it to come in, if you have it simply measure from 2 different sides to locate the center of the drain.
    Purchase a shower drain with a 2″ outlet. Cut your hole in the subfloor under the drain at the measured spot you determined from the shower base. Turn the shower base on its side and install the drain – look closely at the instructions on the shower drain and install accordingly.
    If it is a solid shower base just place it over drain and run some beads of clear silicone on the subfloor and set base. If it is an acrylic or fiberglass base, I like to use some thinset mortar mix – mix a little wetter than ususal and sink the shower base down into it-wiggle around a little and let it set and dry.Check for level both ways.
    You need a 2″ sanitary trap (pvc) some 2″ pipe (pvc) cleaner and glue.
    Figure out what size pipe you are tying into and get appropriate fittings.
    Dry fit all your pipe,trap to insure your trap is not too low on the outlet side for your existing drain line. Since there is no solid waste in a shower drain – I would hold it as high as you can coming out of the shower drain. Be sure to tie in a vent line for the shower.
    Good Luck

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