What causes a shower curtain to draw into the shower?

Shower Curtain

spinsayarn asks:

Whenever a shower is running, the shower curtain comes into the shower. What causes this?

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Answer by Zeff
It’s the bathroom ghosts trying to get in with you. They can’t turn the water on by themselves so they have to shower when the goings good.

btw: don’t drop the soap.

6 thoughts on “What causes a shower curtain to draw into the shower?

  1. Yes, Bernoulli’s Principle: An fast-moving object exerts less lateral pressure than one slow-moving or at rest.

    (about 30 years ago, I was so bad at physics, I had to write this over and over again) I hope I remembered it correctly.

    Anyway, it is the “subway train” effect…the speed of the train sucks you toward it.

  2. Cheap shower curtains! Invest in a dearer heavier one! I went through lots of cheaper ones before I relented and spent more on a decent quality one!

  3. air flow…the steam and hot air is rising and going out the top and then the cold air gets sucked in through the bottom and the shower curtain gets pushed from the air trying to get in…oh and the ghosts trying to shower i hear they cant turn the water on so they need to take advantage

  4. As the hot air rises, it pulls cooler air into the shower from outside. drawing the shower curtain toward the back wall of the shower

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