What bathroom cleaning spray has no or little odor?


Me asks:

And isn’t overly harmful when slightly breathed in (accidentally, that is)?

My bathroom location has little to no ventilation, and Fantastik or bleach sprays are simply intolerable during cleaning, and they leave a horrible gaseous smell for two hours afterward. I’ve tried Comet in a bucket with a rag or sponge, but it takes too long to clean a toilet with that, it seems; I’d rather have a (germicide) spray.

Thanks for the answers.

Best answer:

Answer by Tom
Lysol makes an un-scented. Its in a white/blue can. Pretty good.

3 thoughts on “What bathroom cleaning spray has no or little odor?

  1. Odoban. Get it at Sam’s Wholesale. My mom has asthma and this does not irritate her at all. Not only does it clean, but it is a deodorizer, mildistat, stain remover, and kills stuff like staph, etc. I use this in my home and my business.

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