What basket can I make for family fun night?


queenrakle asks:

My school is having a family fun night, and I am donating a basket that is to be raffled off. I want to do something creative. Popular themes are movie night, bath stuff, or a craft basket. I’d like to do something different and need some ideas. Ideas must be family friendly, but it can be tailored exclusively for adults or children.

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Answer by Susan S
How about a scrapper’s basket? That should be easy to do and very well received. Where I work, we have done, tea baskets, and chocolate baskets, to name a few. It sounds like fun. Good luck.

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  1. Think about doing a certain hobby basket. There are several differnet ideas. Sewing, scrapbboking,knittin/crocheting, cooking, gardening,woodworking, painting,and drawing.
    Just to name a few.

  2. Since it is family fun, you are going to want family interaction. Consider games, like a pack of cards, domino’s, and maybe a board game like scrabble. (You could even include outdoor games.) There are lots of small games to throw in too. Don’t forget paper and pencil (for keeping score). Then you can still add healthy snacks like popcorn and nuts or whatever.

  3. How about…Trace your Family Tree basket? You could put in a couple of scrapbook pages that are designed as a family tree, a couple of genealogy magazines, some blank journals and maybe a cd-rom that teaches how to begin researching. Or, you could have a Make Your Own Christmas Cards…A pack of assorted color cardstock, decorative edge scissors, some small paper punches, those big chunky foam stamps, some glitter glue pens and a few other embellishments and you have a family project. How about basket with everything needed to construct and paint a birdhouse,a field guide book of birds and a couple pair of toy binoculars or telescopes? A gardening basket with a set of tools, several seed packets of flowers,herbs and vegtables, gardening gloves, watering can, some small clay pots for seedlings and a book on gardening. Or how about a local family destination basket filled with brochures of local fun destinations, a good map, some car game books and activities, treats for the trips and a travel journal to encourage family memories. Or a rainy day fun basket filled with some card games that both kids and adults can enjoy such as Uno and Crazy 8s, microwave popcorn or better yet, Jiffy Pop, story books, CDs to encourage dancing together, drawing paper,crayons or markers and glue along with a magazine like Pac-o-Fun and anything else that can be used to entertain a kid cooped up in the house. Last, a jewelry making basket with lots of beads,stretchy cord, silk cord, a couple of easy books on jewelry making and maybe a video on same and some plastic divider boxes to store beads.

  4. For a child, what about a “Snow Day Basket?” Include a board game, art supplies, DVDs, brownie and cocoa mixes.
    For an adult , how about a “Fantasy Escape?” Include a romance novel, bon-bons, scented candle, a bottle of champagne and bubble bath To make your basket more eye catching, fasten something near the bow that relates to what’s inside.

  5. Dinner and a Movie… fill it with the fixings for an easy dinner, something like spaghetti…maybe include a couple of recipes and add some movie rental tickets or a dvd with some popcorn and candy…
    My cousin liked the coffee basket I made her with several different flavors of coffee and a couple of nice mugs.
    For family fun night you could do travel (or full size) versions of popular games as a basket theme.

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