26 thoughts on “What are you more like and why: a tree, a pencil, or a cup?

  1. I am all three, I am a tree cause thank God I am alive and I believe in myself. I am like a pencil because my words can be poetic sweet, they can be knowledgeable or they can rip someones soul right through the middle but I choose to be nice. I am a cup cause like a cup I receive knowledge everyday and I can never be filled I am unquenchable for knowledge.

  2. A Pencil, I am awesome for making points and leaving my mark, but even sometimes I make a mistake and can count on being able to erase it move on (or in the pencil’s case, to move to the next line)

  3. Right at this moment in time…a tree.
    Just woken up…. having a major bad hair day…night….day…whatever….
    I’ve got this whole tree branches thing going on…Arrgghh.

  4. i would say a pencil…i’m always thinking up new ideas, changing old ones, and not scared to show that I make mistakes

    i love trees

  5. A tree…a mulberry bush to be exact….because no matter how hard people try and make me go away I stand up for myself and never give up and die.

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