What are some good ideas for a “themed” basket to be autctioned off at a silent auction?

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The audience in attendance at the auction will be women. The ages of the women range from 20-80. I really need some good ideas for themed baskets that will sell. All the money made from the baskets will go to a children’t charity. We will be doing two different baskets, along with a few other things. We have done a “movie theater” basket before and that worked out well, and we might try it again, but we need some new ideas that will really get some attention. Any links to pictures or ideas would be appreciated as well.

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An animal or Zoo themed basket would be cool. As a Zoo employee myself I know that we donate a lot of tickets/memberships for silent auction charities. You can put animal type candles and gifts in the basket along with whatever a local Zoo donates. These type of baskets always seem to go over well because it appeals to families.
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  1. How about a Gourmet Coffee Basket? Health/beauty supplies?
    You could try something different and theme is by a color…like “Everything Pink “or “Pretty in Pink”, and find a variety of fun girly stuff (flowers, candles, lotions, nail polish, lipstick/gloss, cosmetic tote, sweets, and the latest paperback/magazie, silky bathrobe, etc.)

  2. we just held a silent auction (for cancer patients) and we had several “themed’ baskets the best sellers were the Gardening basket it included; gardening tools, potting soil, a verity of seeds, gloves a knee pad bird feeder and a wind chime in a nice sized planter. the other was a cooking basket: it had, cook books, herbs & seasonings, kitchen towels, potholders, spoons and spatulas. I hope these Ideas help good luck.

  3. Certainly they can be “themed” with regard to age groups, though you may find 80 year old women bidding as high as younger, on Spa passes etc.

    Actually I’d avoid FOOD in any form, no offense, but that’s cliche, and common. Certainly NIGHTS OUT, offering not discounts but FREE meals, entertainment, a carriage ride around a city, etc. seems more of a GIFT, in my opinion.

    Even along with the idea of a getaway/spa, you could offer more modest situations, such as a day at a center that offers facials, mud baths, eye, hair, cosmetics, a Rose, a glass of wine.

    Since this a a Females only auction, you might assume not to offend, most especially the elderly, with baskest of items mundane and so much what they might already experience in a day to day life.

    Even as a GUY I might not mind some pampering or special treatment. I have to believe the Ladies would as well.
    I want to assume some of the items will be donated, by sponsorship, even if they want to promote their venue, but don’t do Dollars off coupons, or even two for one, unless you promote something as Take a friend along, or share with a friend.

    20 year old women might obviously be less inclined to a movie pass, as they might be a club, or show, or a form of entertainment romantic, although I want to assume any age group would enjoy that.

    The fact that the chairty is for children, does not at all dictate that items offered for auction need be so distant from that which might elicit passion, romance, getting away from the realities. and those items need not at all be offensive, but need not be simplistic and sterile either.

    You could offer classes, in various venues from ART to Karate. Shopping cards for a mall or specific stores that might be a shopping experience enjoyed.

    You might offer some means of transportation in passes, or even find an organization (Ive used these) that prepares and delivers various meals, ready to eat. (NOT MEALS ON WHEELS). Offer a monthly floral arrangement or plant, delivered. Offer subscriptions to magazines, NETFLIX, etc.

    Assuming this is a Charity event, I’ll hope every bidder will go as high as they can reasonably afford, well offer what the actual cost is to you, over the contents of the basket.

    Finally, and certainly a thank you card in each, perhaps a token flower or candy, and in all sense the Presentation does matter.

    Steven Wolf
    Just my two “sense”

  4. Do a NASCAR basket, die cast cars , tee shirts, hats, nascar flag, depending where you are in the country , The best would be a pair of tickets to a race. We do one a year at the Kof C in MIchigan with tickets to the August Race at MIS. This has turned out to be a great fund raiser. Check out nascar.com for Ideas. Good Luck.

  5. Ooh i’d love a wine basket , filled with lots of miniture bottles and book on wine 🙂 depends on the budget…but perhaps train ticket to France

  6. A Spa Basket – place loofah, pumice, flameless candles, serene music and milk bath in basket see if local day spa will provide a coupon for services (perhaps a buy 1 get one) and also add a bottle sparking fruit juice and 2 champagne flutes.

    Gourmet Basket – fill with decadent foods a cookbook and have a local restaurant provide a dinner incentive as well.

    Travel Basket – Fill with travel items like empty small bottles with clear travel pouch, sleep pillow, Luggage Scale, etc and perhaps a local travel agent can supply a companion airfare ticket.

    Good Luck!

  7. MOVIE BASKET: Include some free rental gift cards/certificates, some microwave popcorn, and a couple of boxes of movie theatre style candy

    GETAWAY BASKET: Include potpourri, bath gels, all that smell good stuff ladies like 🙂 Maybe some giftcards for the local spa

    GOURMET COOK BASKET: include receipes, cooking utensils, maybe some not so common ingredients

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