two cup pencil holder

This origami video shows how to make Marc Vigo’s pencil pot. Check out my website to download a printable template. Scroll down to “Materials” section for links.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

19 thoughts on “two cup pencil holder

  1. FUCK! That .pdf file has your shitty advertisement to your shitty website! Seriously, I won’t print it until I’ll remove that text from the file.

  2. @RUL1S88 The text ( like the lines ) won’t actually show up on the final product… but that’s cool. Don’t print it out.

  3. thank you so much it was so hard i tried and i did about 1 month ago i tried IT WAS SO HARD i couldn’t even follow along

  4. I found a diagram on the Internet and I spend more than half an hour trying to understand it and making face like o_O , and than I found you! thanks ‘foldsomething’ your video help me a lot ^_^

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