Should a coffee table drawer face the couch it sits in front of or the room?


Joshua M asks:

I think the drawer should be facing the couch because it allows you to store remotes, TV guides, etc in the drawer. My wife thinks that makes the table look backwards. Who’s right?

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Answer by dental girl
the couch

15 thoughts on “Should a coffee table drawer face the couch it sits in front of or the room?

  1. It really depends on your objective with the coffee table. If you want it to be functional, you will have the drawer’s facing the couch. If you want the table to be decorative, then you will have the drawer’s facing outwards. I’d probably choose functional.

  2. Oh please, why would you put the drawers on the outside? its like turning your desk around because you want to show of the fancy metal on the handles……

    Seriously, design should be look good AND be utilitarian. Having the drawers so you can USE them will help meet the room’s full potential by being practical and stylish.

  3. I think you’re right. It should face the couch. I mean isn’t it better to be practical rather than being just pretty?

  4. Depends how you use the room it’s in. When you have guests over, they get the couch (So they can place their beverages/snacks on the coffe table and talk comfortably) and it’s rude to say something like “Hey grab the TV Guide outta the drawer…”

    When you expect company, it goes to the front so you can get to it easily; when you are in “kicked back mode” it goes to the couch.

    Instead of moving it while guests who unexpectedly arrived are getting out of the car, leave it facing the front…if people come by unexpectedly simply gather up all the junk and toss it into the drawer and close it.

  5. it could be either way depending on your preferences. if you want people to see the table it should face the tv, or whatever. but if you want to be comfy and lazy you should put it facing the couch. but if it were me, i would face the drawers to the couch… or return it and get a drawless coffee table for less worries hah

  6. Definately the couch, thats what they are designed for, so you can – like you said – store things that you frequently use in there, and you can acess them without leaving the couch!

    If I went into a house and saw it facing away from the couch I would wonder why!!

    Hope that helps!

  7. well- do you grab the remote on the way to the couch, or when you are sitting on the couch? that answers your question.

  8. it depends… mostly i think those drawers are used to store remotes and stuff… so putting them facing the couch allows for easier access..
    it only makes the table look bkwards if the back of the table is ugly.

  9. the room… never the couch.

    Go to any furniture store and you’ll see whose right.

    BTW, the remote control doesn’t have a thing to do with this. Look at 1800 furniture in a setting… called a venue and it is clear.

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