Scott Weiland 12 Bar Blues, Divider, 1997.

A rare music video of Scott Weiland, Brad Mehldau, and Victor Indrizzo, recording “Divider” for Weiland’s solo album, 12 Bar Blues, in 1997 at Royaltone Studios in Hollywood, California. Directed and Produced by James Carbone and Mike Norman ©James Carbone All Rights Reserved

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25 thoughts on “Scott Weiland 12 Bar Blues, Divider, 1997.

  1. Thanks for posting this..!
    When I see Scott making this album I can see a bit of Héctor Lavoe… not really crazy if you make sense of comparisons… just check the environment and the background, besides Scott´s condition.
    Just an opinion!

  2. I so love this record. I had tickets to see them in Cincinnati and Mr Weiland was “ahem” arrested the day before in NYC. Shame, I wanted to see Martyn Lenoble again. Great Chap.

  3. @itsgottabejanelle Why do some smack addicts – like Weiland – stay productive throughout their addiction. Whereas others – like Staley – hole up in their apartments and rot from the inside out?

  4. Yes, I shot this on 16 mm hand-held, and 35mm stills. It was great working with Scott and the other musicians. They were very serious about their work. I have another video from that album that I’m working on.

  5. killer wake in the evening
    killer walk ouside
    when she comes divided
    she nearly comes alive
    she only cares when her libido is buzzing
    bees only thrive when the honey is there
    she knows the way to the script write doctor
    she calls him up when the itch gets bad
    the itch gets bad
    a model makes you famous
    a dying goat’s a lamb
    a processed pig is white trash meat
    some people call it spam
    she only cares when her libido is buzzing

  6. @termsofusepolice If you don’t know it, check out mad season. The song is called River of Deceit. It’s pretty much a complete and honest answer to your question.

  7. thank you so much for uploading this video!
    this song brings together one of my favourite rock singers and my favourite living jazz musician. it means a lot to have a chance to see footage of this recording. cheers!

  8. @photoimageswest PLEASE POST IT BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! US DIE HARD FANS WOULD BE SO GRATEFUL!!! SW IS THE MAIN MAN!!! LANOIS TOO!!!!

  9. @SilentHillHeather “Lambs eat oats and doe’s eat oats and little lambs eat ivey…” Hahah he was in the zone makin that gem of a track!!

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