Recycle bin?

Recycle Bin

Kaily asks:

If I delete a file, would it still take space on the hard disk if its still in the recycle bin?

Best answer:

Answer by visionary
yes. the recycle bin is still part of the hard drive

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  1. Yes. But it is worth it if you feel that there is a very slight chance that you may need to pull the file up again (actually in that case you should not delete it at all). I think that you should however, make it a habit to empty your Recycle Bin frequently to have your computer run faster.

  2. Yes, it still would consume the same amount of memory on the hard disk. You will only be able to free some amount of memory space if you completely delete the file in the recycle bin (or empty the recycle bin).

    It’s always advisable to empty your recycle bin as often as you can, so that more memory space can be freed for other more important purposes.

    Additional pointers:
    If you’d like to delete a file from your PC without having it to automatically go to the recycle bin first, left-click on the targeted file and press the SHIFT + DELETE button together at the same time. The file will be deleted and it won’t appear in your recycle bin. =)

  3. Yes, anything that is being stored any place on your computer is using memory. Even though the item has been “deleted” you still have access to it through the recycle bin until you emty that.

  4. Yes. if your sure you no longer want the items in the recycle bin, right click and go to empty recycle bin. This will permenantly delete everything in there.

  5. yes. takes up the same amount of space as it did when it wasnt in the recycle bin. Only way to recover the space is to empty the recycle bin.

  6. Yes!!very much so!
    If u want ur pc to work faster, empty the recycle bin after dumping useless items in it.It is a good idea to keep softwares that occupy less space on ur comp for better speed and faster access..

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