Recycle Bin!!!?

Recycle Bin

CoralSea asks:

I have Windows Vista and i donĀ“t know how I erase the recycle bin from my desktop and I can find it in my computer. This is kind of weird…Can anyone help me??

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Answer by GeekMasta
Right click on desktop, “personalize”, choose “change desktop icons”, check
“recycle bin

3 thoughts on “Recycle Bin!!!?

  1. For the people who answered, trust me, that COULD happen. It happens to me previously, and a lot of users in the company that I worked in. I do not know how we pulled it off, but it just did =P

    Anyways, for the restoration, you may need to follow the steps in microsoft website. The solution is on the link below. Just follow the instruction below and you should be able to see the Recycle Bin on your desktop. The steps are very detailed so no worries about having difficulty following the steps =)

    Hope that helps =)

  2. rule of thumb!! you cannot delete the recycle bin!! its like that, even with xp, when your first install xp, you should always see the recycle bin on the lower right side of the screen, its like that, you can delete the shortcut, but not the actual recycle bin!!!

    its not me, its microsoft

  3. well i dont think you can.cause when you delete files,it goes to the recycle you cant delete the recycle bin.

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