My new plastic shower curtain has an awful plasticy smell to it, how do I get rid of this smell?

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narcissa asks:

It’s a regular clear plastic shower curtain from linens and things, which has an awful smell to it. what should i do to diminsh this smell? will this smell go away with time?

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Answer by *~*Bella*~*
I love that smell!! It smells like a beach ball and is one of my favorite smells from childhood! Ahh the memories….anyway, the smell will diminish on it’s own after you use the shower a few times. Give it a few days.

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  1. I logged on for the exact same reason.
    Practically our whole house smells from this curtain. I have read that in time it will fade. You can hang it open outside for a few days and it will air out. I hope that this is true. I will try it because it is indeed an awful strong smell!

  2. It will go away naturally after a few days….impatient? Put it in your washing machine with some suds and a half-cup of vinegar…….will smell sweet and good!!!

  3. If you don’t want to want for it to go away on it’s own run it thru the washer with a few towels.
    Don’t put it in the dryer tho.

  4. put in the washer and let it dry. The smell should go away, you can wah it in the washing machine, don’t put in dryer, let it air dry.===

  5. Mix a small batch of bleach and water in a spray bottle. Like maybe an 8th of bleach and fill up the bottle with water. That should help with the plastic smell. The smell will also slowly dissipate with time.

  6. The smell will go away quite soon. Run hot water over the curtain to wash off any residues, and in between washes, spray it with vinegar, which is a natural deoderant and cleanser.

  7. That is the more volatile components of the vinyl outgassing. Keep it unfolded and open the bathroom window for a few days. It will quit being so smelly in, oh, maybe, three to seven days.

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