25 thoughts on “[Len] Vocaloid song “Recycle Bin” English subs

  1. TT^TT I deleted A picture from my computer because I thought I did not need it, I saw this video~ Cried found the picture again and saved it to my computer again TT^TT NEVER DELETE A THING!!

  2. o_o For as much as people boo-hoo about this.. I’m sure everyone’s done the same thing with something that was actually important. Deleted it without knowing, then when it came time to empty out the recycle bin, see its name flash by in the pile of things being erased… and cry out “SHIT, NO! I STILL WANTED THAT!! ^&@# NOW I HAVE TO FIND IT AGAIN/REINSTALL IT AGAIN.”

  3. “A faint sound I heard was…your regret?”
    I guess the owner of the computer was like,
    “Oh hell no! I deleted the wrong file! SHIT!”

  4. @ChiiseanWut14 I think you are completely right (with humor added of course!). But, that is what the big fans of Len are forgetting as well, (I am a Len fangirl myself, so I am not bashing them) that there is some regret in deleting Len, so I think that the owner deleted him by mistake.

  5. T_T OK BITCH U DELETED LEN COME ON OUT SO I CAN KICK UR ASS *loads shotgun* ON ONE HURTS LEN …….. hes mine i wont let you :3

    Fangirls, we must form a mob and find whoever is deleting the vocaloids and unleash a can of whoopass on that person’s sorry ass!!!!

  7. Vocaloid creator: dododododo I’m going to see what happens if i delete miku and len!
    (deletes len and miku)
    *couple weeks later*
    -knock knock-
    VC: come in!
    Len fangirls: Who dares to delete our Len! >:(
    Miku Fangirls and guys: How dare you delete Our Miku!
    VC: I did!
    Mob: Get him/her!
    Vc: OH SH*T
    Mob: -beats up creator-
    len fangirls: RETURN OUR LEN
    Miku fangirls and boys: RETURN OUR MIKU
    -returns Len and Miku-
    VC: i will never do that again!

  8. @Aquamarine560

    Don’t Forget the Fanboys, There are many Fanboys of Len and Other Vocaloids Too~ Me being one of them. :3

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