I’m putting a bathroom in the basement. Can I have the main electrical panel (circuit breakers) in it?


shektbg asks:

Let me clarify-

I am finishing my basement and drawing up plans. I plan to get it permitted. Unfortunately, the only place a bathroom would work happens to be in the area of the main electrical panel. If I enclose it in a closet accessible from outside the bathroom, it makes the bathroom too small. Is it possible to have the electric panel in the bathroom in an enclosed cabinet of some sort? (The bathroom will have a shower, so I don’t know if moisture will be a problem).

Suggestions would be much appreciated.

My county adheres to the national building code, 2003 edition.

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Answer by isitreal1963
Well this is my Field and this is the first time I have ever heard of this but I can understand where the problems is but I can tell you that anything and everything in a bathroom needs to be on a GFI. since you can’t give it a closet to stay in then I am not to sure on this and you need to call the electric inspector on this one because it is still in your bathroom and since you have already had the plans approved and you are changing them you do not want him to come in and turn you down this would be bad for you and then the next time he comes they will pick you to piece’s. Just call them up and tell them your problem and they will help you with this. I think it might be okay to in close it but some county’s are different call.

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  1. No NO NO….Nada. NON! NEC code (also common sense) violation. (water and electricity simply dont mix) unless your planning on sending someone you dont like into the shower first to try it out?

  2. I don’t know what State your in but from what I know most States don’t allow this due to the problems you mention, moisture. I wouldn’t recommend this if it was in code, for the moisture problem, and the copper involved. You’d have a lot of condensation and sweating this would cause corrosion.

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