I want to print on already legal blank checks

Legal Tray

luis g asks:

Is there an easy way to pring out on checks. See, we have a binder of checks ordered by us so they match our bank. The checks are legal, they have all that special ink,and encrypting, and whatever legal things the paper checks come with, but we have to fill in the payee, the date, the amount, the memo, EVERYTHING. It looks a little unprofessional. Is there a sofware or template that will let me put my checks in the printer tray, so i can print on them the payee, amount, dates?they would be signed manually for right now, and the checks have the check nuimber already. THANKS

Best answer:

Answer by LateNightLarry
Are you using a software program to handle the bookkeeping for your business, such as QuickBooks or Peachtree? Most business accounting programs can print the checks. You just have to tell the program which style of check you’re using, and the program will generally show you samples of the check styles.

You shouldn’t need a separate program to print checks.

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