How to wash a shower curtain?

Shower Curtain

peace0mind asks:

I live with 2 male room mates, and i tell them, everytime they take a shower, to open the shower curtain back up and let it air our or else it will get moldy, of course, they never do, anyways, its a plastic shower curtain, can i just put it in the washing machane? stupid question, but, i dont want to destroy it cause i dont want to have to get a nother one, lol………thanx……….peace.

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Answer by Dani H
I have put mine in the washer more than once. It’s not a problem. Also, you will want to add a little bleach to kill the mold. If you don’t feel like taking the curtain down, you can try a bleach and water mixture in a spray bottle. Next time you buy a new shower curtain, look for a mold free one. They cost a little more but they do stay mold free longer than untreated ones, however, they are not mold free… especially with males in the house!

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  1. Yes you can wash it in the machine on gentle cycle , and add a lil bleach and baking soda to the water befoe you put it in there , and you can wash some towels with it while you doing that…i have been washing mine for the past 2 years and it still look new

  2. I bought a fabric one about a year ago. It is great. Washes just like a sheet and has metal grommets on the top that will last forever. When it looks a bit dingy from the minerals I throw a little bleach in the wash water and it comes out white again. It cost under $ 20—and I used to buy 2 plastic ones a year due to tearing and mold. This one will last years.
    Hope that helps you.

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