How to convert a closet to a walk in closet?

Fort Riley Army Wife asks:

We currently have a small walk in closet in our master bedroom…the wall at the end of the closet is actually the wall to another closet that is in the main hall way. I wanted to combine the two and make a larger walk in closet. Would this be a hard project to do? My husband has 4 days of for the 4th of July weekend and I wanted to do it then, would this be a feasible time frame?
our closet isnt “small” its just when i think of walk in closets i think of huge ones that you can have seating in, this is why i call ours a small one

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Answer by sensible_man
I would not consider two small closets, combined, to be a walk-in closet. If he is handy, 4 days is plenty to frame and finish the walls.

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  1. You may want to consider re-framing both sides and using pocket doors. I made a walk-through closet with shelving on both sides, but with access to the 2 rooms. It is great and people who have seen it have copied it. You will need to exactly frame for the pocket doors on both sides, and keep in mind they cannot slide into walls with electrica/plumbing in them.

    Sounds like a fun project! Best wishes!

  2. Shouldn’t be terribly difficult to complete in 4 days, but he’ll have to stay with it. The demo of the common wall is pretty easy as long as you are certain that it not supporting the closet (or any) ceiling beams. You might need to look in the attic to be sure of that. Once the wall is down (are there shelves of either closet attached to it?), you would need to make everything neat and tidy where the wall was removed. Don’t know if the 2 closets are the same size or if there is some work to do on the “corners” that would be created. A bit of painting and shelf work to make the new closet more useful. I suppose you would keep both doors as well? Otherwise you would need to close off that hall door. Good luck.

  3. Depends on your skill levels.
    If you have the project planned and all the materials needed already purchased [save the receipt if needed for returns].
    If you are handy an easy job in one day for the basic job.
    Covering and painting the wall in the hall and adding the floor molding after the hall closet door and trim are removed will add a day at least for the sheet rock mud to dry.
    If you are not handy, or he is not there are numerous books in the library, some written just for women that can help. maybe the two of you together can get the project to a point where you can finish it out?
    Be sure to take a day or two to celebrate and to relax.hope this helps some

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