How to clean a rusty shower rod?

Shower Rod

MS. B asks:

I want to know the best way to take off rust from a shower rod

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Answer by Squirrelmonki
sounds weird, but fold a piece of aluminum foil, wet it, and rub

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  1. We covered our shower rod with a plastic tube that is made specifically for that. It’s very easy to install as it has a slit along it. There are many colors you can pick from. We purchased ours at a bed and bath store.

  2. I would use steel wool scrubber. you can get it in the super market or the hardware store . Eventually you will need to coat it with a sealer. I have used spray paint as you can get small inexpensive cans in a great range of colours. Easy to use, no paint brush to clean—spraying on a few very light coats is the best way to go and you can reuse the spray if you need subsequent coats. Have fun.

  3. Use baking soda and warm water brush it real hard. I would use a denture brush only because its real tough bristles and wont scratch it.

  4. If your shower rod is rusty and your want to preserve its original size (in diameter) you can use RUST CONVERTER-this chemical when applied will convert the rust into iron and will stick to the surface of the metal, to smoothen the surface you need a sand paper.

    If you want a total removal of the rust without preserving its size, then use RUST KILLER, this chemical totally dissolve all the rust that the metal has, then you smothen the surface by using a sandpaper.

    To preserve further the metal that you have de-rusted, apply some amount of epoxy primer paint..

    All materials mention are available at your nearest hardware or auto-paint centre, any known brand will do.

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