How should I organize the storage in my bedroom?


Jenster asks:

I live in New York and have a small one bedroom apartment. The old tenants put up a “loft” for storage against one of the walls – right now I have some games, winter clothes, and other miscellaneous items up there. However, it’s starting to make my bedroom look like a garage. Any ideas that are not too expensive to make my bedroom look like a serene bedroom and not like a storage locker? Thanks!

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Answer by lil patch
maybe take down the shelves/loft and get those drawers that go underneath ur bed (similar to what alot of dorms have) use pictures or hanging mirrors or something artistic and pretty to draw attention away from any hardware u have in there and bring the focus back to ur fabulous studio…place some nice scented candles, a vase of fake flowers , some throw pillows and accent pieces around the room

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  1. Throw out all things you dont need in basement!Or some place else!Than,buy chedap white curtons,paint them with flowers,hearts,whatever your favourite pattern is.You can make a scetch on paper,put it ‘out’ of paper with a scissors,then put paper on curton(flat)and colour it with spray.Paint walls in some warm colour-yellow,orange,pink,put some old things which remind you on home(some craft or art work,something hand-made).Dry some flowers (put them backwards)and colour them in silver or gold.Vanilla candels in glasses on the flor will be romantic.Put some textile and flowers arond your bad.
    Find a lamp on market.Found out more things…

  2. Would it be possible to cover the space with a curtain or a bamboo roller shade? Sounds like it is suspended from your ceiling and a good way to add storage. Or put decorative containers in the front – like baskets – to hide the rest behind them. Hard to tell not knowing what is below the loft or how much space it takes up.

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