How often do you use a towel then wash it?


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I heard some people use theirs only once. What a waste of water and detergent. I, on the other hand, use a towel for 2-3 weeks. I don’t stink, but is it unhealthy to use a towel more than once or twice.

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Answer by DJ
I use mine as much as possible. If I hang it up after I use it, then it stays fresher longer.

Also opening the window in the bathroom, and turning on the vent helps, this takes the humidity out of the bathroom and the towels seem to last longer.

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  1. I use mine for about 3-4 uses and then get a new one. I use a wash cloth one time and then get a new one. Towels and wash clothes harbor bacteria … hence you should wash them in HOT water.

  2. We use our towels for a week before putting them in the wash. We live in a pretty dry climate tho. I visited family down south once, where it’s real humid and instead of drying out between uses the towel just got all musty smelling and stayed damp. Ick! We used towels just once while we were there.

  3. I change bath towels about 3x per week. I use a different towel for my face and hair. So per week I am washing 6-8 towels just for me. As for washcloths I use 2-3 a DAY!!

  4. i’ve certainly used it for at least a week, 3-4 days is probably best, however i do currently use them only once. just cause i don’t really do laundry.

  5. i wash them after each use but that’s just cause I’m fussy like that!!!

    i know people that use them a few times (2-3) before washing them but i would never go a week or two without washing them!!!

  6. The bacteria from the dead skin that you towel off each time you bathe or shower can cause untold infections especially in warm damp areas like the armpits and groin so you should change your towel at the very least twice a week but preferably use a towel once and then wash it.

  7. A hand towel I wash once a week, unless it hasn’t been used very often due to whatever reason(s). Bath towels I use 3 times before washing, as I feel more often leaves a greater chance of bacteria growing on the air drying towel.

    Bed sheets I wash once every 10 days.

  8. I always use a different towel. I think its gross to reuse one, can you really keep track of what end you dry your rear with and the one you dry your face with. Yuck.

  9. As long as you dry it out really well between baths…I see no reason why you cannot use one for at least a week….that’s what I do……and as long as you are genuinely clean when using it…there is no reason why you should not be able to….
    People who only use a towel once or twice must ; A: Have a lot of time on their hands..and..B: LOVE doing laundry..and C: Not have a life…!!! LOL!

  10. I use it when it starts stinking or when it’s time to do laundry. Usually after using a towel I hang it to dry and its fine the next day. Like you said , why waste water and detergent for something you can use more than once. It’s not going to harm you. BUTTTT i would never use a towel after a week, thats just grose.

  11. I change my towels twice a week. No need to waste Earth’s energy, but I don’t want to be smelly and gross either.

  12. It’s not unhealthy to use a towel more than once or twice, but really, you should wash it at least once a week. Even if you don’t smell your towel, I bet someone does. My old roommate would leave her wet bath towels for that long, and they smelled horrible, like mildew and rancid meat.

  13. what the heck is wrong with you! i can’t stand using a towel that has been used already! ewww! i feel like i am just putting dirt back on my body!

  14. I use mine until it doesn’t smell fresh, usually after about a week. I try not to wait until it actually smells. There is a point where if it starts to smell, you are basically drying yourself with bacteria. Yummy.

    Once is definitely a big waste of water.

  15. I use it until it’s time to do laundry. My wife is a strict believer in using it only once, so I’m forced to hide mine somewhere where she won’t confiscate it from me.

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