How much to plumb a half bath in a basement?


Val asks:

Our unfinished basement has no plumbing for a half bath. We want to put one in directly underneath the existing bath since all the plumbing is pretty much right there. All we want is to get a plumber in there to add the necessary pumps and pipes for a toilet and sink. Thats it, we can finish the rest. We just need an estimate. We live in the North east, if that is of any consequence. Any plumbers out there that may guess at the price?

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Answer by tommy
There is a big spread but it is probably 1500- 2500 to tear out concrete, install ejector pit, grinder pump and water lines.
Shop around I would get 3-5 bids they will very alot.
The prices are just an estimate of what I have paid in the past.

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  1. Your blind on this question as to the actual plumbing that you need. Call and get your estimates first. Check with the local building and code department, they will want to see plans for this and a permit should be required.

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