How exactly is Holder helping Khalid Sheikh Mohammed & the others by trying him in NY City?


Mr Wolf asks:

I keep seeing people trying to imply that Eric Holder is trying to help the terrorist by having them tried in the city they attacked and judged by the citizens of that city.

In my opinion that boat don’t float.

Best answer:

Answer by SomeGuy
They don’t know. They just try to find whatever they can to gripe about Obama with. In their delusional eyes, he is a terrorist and nothing will ever change that opinion.
You can present the facts but they will never listen.
Holder being appointed by Obama means that Holder is a terrorist also.

13 thoughts on “How exactly is Holder helping Khalid Sheikh Mohammed & the others by trying him in NY City?

  1. The US Supreme Court decided he had to be tried, and he’s going to be tried in NY and Virginia, NJ and possibly Pennsylvania and Boston because those are the places the crimes took place.

    The Republican right has a pathological need to construct an alternate dark fantasy version of reality that makes no sense.

  2. They just complain about everything that anyone connected to Obama does, and they listen to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh for their interpretation of the law. Any evidence that is private will be sealed so the public has no access. The defendant would have the same access in a military tribunal.

    The victims families have a right to attend.

  3. I live in NYC and I don’t see how it is a danger to our city. People watch too many movies. His buddies aren’t coming to bust him out. He’ll be tried, and he will be found guilty based on his own statements.

  4. Conservatives are afraid that Khalid Shaikh Muhammad will deliver a speech, as he had done during the military tribunal, condemning the US for killing Muslims in the Middle East, establishing military bases all over the Middle East and aiding and abetting Israeli atrocities. He won’t say much about his religious fanaticism or about getting 72 virgins in Paradise. That would destroy the myth that the terrorists are solely guided by radical interpretation of Quran. And they don’t want that.

  5. Eric Holder just might be the most intelligent man in the US today. He is saving everyone’s butt from the worst thing that could ever happen to the US. He will be convicted and make no mistake, he made the best choice for the US and he should be praised for it.

  6. You’re right… Just give him rights the Geneva Laws don’t grant him and give him rights the Supreme Court in the 50s denied POWs…

    Right, you sure have a great idea man…

    Let’s just tell every terrorist that they can be tried in America. Even though no other President has done this. There shouldn’t even be a trail, he admitted he was guilty. Idiot…

  7. Thats because you missed the boat. Its his lawyer buddies defending the trash that will be paid for the show trials. How dumb can Americans be?

  8. How you doing,Mr. Wolf!…:-)

    Military tribunal: Prevents important information from going public and possibly helping the enemy.
    Quick trial,
    Quicker execution.

  9. Don’t go sailing.
    Holder is an America hating communist (you are too right?) that wants intelligence data exposed for the IslamoFascistMurderer jihadis to avoid.
    He wants the case dismissed because battlefield captives were not ‘mirandized’.

    What will you do if the murder planner for 3000 dead Americans is released?

  10. He is giving them rights and privileges they are not entitled to.

    He is putting the city at greater risk. incurring huge costs and exposing U.S. intelligence.

    Other than that Holder is doing great, just great.

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