How exaclty does the recycling bin work?


Microwaved Tofu! asks:

I take my recycle-ables to walmart. They have an aluminum, plastic and paper bin out front. Where does it go from there. Oh also I read that if you dont wash it off, it cant be recycled. Is that true?

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Answer by M’aiq the Liar
The plastic crap goes to plastic recycling factories where it gets processed into this plastic pellets which are made into various new plastic products. Sadly, it’s a relatively expensive process and it’s more cost effective to just make new plastic (which explains why it’s not that popular).

The aluminum is melted down and reformed into various new aluminum products (which is quite profitable since it’s a metal)

The paper’s de-bleached in a chemical process and sold to green companies.

It can still be recycled if it’s not washed (it’s all melted down anyway). But it might make the results less pure, if the material is absolutely filthy they can’t use it.

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  1. well plastics can be used in the road construction and i don’t know the process but its implemented in the city banglore and its has been successful.
    well any item can be recycled .

  2. First it goes to a middleman who makes money on your donation. Call your county to find where the “real” public recycling center is. They pay you directly. Why give away the payment made for your recycling efforts?

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