How do you package and ship a gift basket?


janellyy . asks:

I’d like to put together a gift basket filled with toiletries, spa supplies, and other things. How do I package the gift basket properly so that I don’t have things falling out of the basket and moving around when it’s shipped to its destination?

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Answer by alananavarro22
Wrap it in ceranwrap that activate with heat like a blow dryer. When shipping the item use lots a peanuts; u know the white foamy things. They sell this at Staples, Office Depot or shipping places.

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  1. i have done this and i roll tape to keep items in place in the basket. i tape one item to another you cant see the tape . then seal it with the basket wrap. you will need lits of bubble wrap and peantus to fill the box too.

  2. One needs to seal it tightly with “Shrink Wrap”. It seals it where nothing can move at all. One can buy the heat sensitive plastic wrap at most any craft place or party place. Wrap the entire basket with items well displayed, bringing the edges all up at the top, tightly in your hand, while using a blow-dryer to heat the wrap and basically “shrinking it to fit”. You’d think it will melt, but it won’t. It just “shrinks” the wrap to a tight fit. Then one needs a really sturdy box to pack it in, with plenty of room around the gift “basket”, so there’s plent of room for packing materials to go completely around it. One can use tissue paper, wads of colored paper, styrofoam “peanuts”, or whatever, but it has to be packed really tightly, because usually the heaviness of the gift basket must be supported by the packing materials. One can do this yourself for a lot less money than paying UPS or a service to do do it, because they charge double, triple or quadruple the cost of supplies just to wrap and mail it.

  3. I’m sure these are good ideas, but take it to the UPS store or similar. It’s what they do. They’ll correct whatever needs to be done.

  4. First of all, you don’t want things in the basket shifting around while in shipment. To keep things in their place, use styrofoam or floral foam to act as spacers and you can even push the edges of some items into the foam so that it stays put better. To hide the foam, cover it with dried moss of whatever color you like, or even thin shreds of colored paper. Many products are available to use for that purpose. You can use staples to hold the moss or paper to the foam. Also, try to use baskets without handles since the handles can get in the way when you go to shrink wrap your basket. Ideally, you want the shrink wrap to go directly over the items in the basket rather than over a handle. It works better that way. Use as much of the shrink wrap as is necessary, heavy items may need more than light items. Finally, ship in a box that has plenty of room on all sides so that packing peanuts will completely surround the basket. After all, if you’re going to work that hard on a nice gift basket, you want to make sure its well protected. Have fun making your baskets!

  5. Baskets look nice, but if you’re shipping it perhaps a gift box would work better… you can use ConTac paper, gift wrap, decals, paint, whatever to make a nice looking box, pack the items securely in that box, then put the finished gift box in a shipping box. Maybe not the same impact as a basket but can still look nice and greatly simplifies the packing issues.

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