How do you keep the shower curtain closed?

Shower Curtain

Vanessa<3 asks:

Everytime I go in the shower, it keeps on comming towards me and I don’t know how to stop it. It is always a mess because the shower curtain wont close. Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep the floor dry and keep the curtain shut at the same time?

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Answer by emucompboy
Hang weights at the bottom. One shower curtain which I bought had little magnets at the bottom — the bathtub apparently had enough iron in it that the magnets would stick.

3 thoughts on “How do you keep the shower curtain closed?

  1. We used to have the same problem. A fiberglass tub made the magnet idea useless. The lightweight shower liners we used had weights at the bottom, but they still seemed to blow inward. We finally solved the problem by using a heavier clear vinyl shower curtain that we bought at WalMart for under $ 10.00. It seems to have the heft to resist being blown inward.

    Good luck with your problem.

  2. I like the shower curtians with the magnets on the bottom. However, I also wet the outside of the curtian a little (if it’s plastic) and it will stick to the wall of the shower.

  3. Put a rug or towl in front of the shower I get water on the floor all the time too. Or some stores have shower curtians that have things on the curtians that stick 2 the wall!!!

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