How do you get to hook up with a girl?


hey asks:

When I’m at a party and there’s a girl that I want to hook up with, I can never get to actually hooking up with her. (I mean just making out by hooking up). What do you have to do to get to doing that. I’m 17 and I’m popular with friends and I’ve been told I’m attractive but I’ve never hooked up with a girl, and all my friends have. What are some tips to getting to hook up with someone?

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Answer by Jonnie
get her drunk

4 thoughts on “How do you get to hook up with a girl?

  1. Don’t use her. That’s almost all I’ve got to say.

    If you want to make out with her, don’t just talk her up and try to persuade her to do it by treating her special and saying things to her if you don’t really mean them. It might get you somewhere, but it also might give you a bad rep and that could ruin your chance with other girls. If you like her, then show her that you like her, talk to her, and see if she gives you signs of liking you back. If she does, you’re in. 😛

  2. wow thats terrible you shouldn’t wana get with a girl just to get with a girl woman are ment to be treasured and loved you sound like a man whore

  3. flirt with them, read their body language, give them “the look”, see if they act psycho when they recieve “the look”, see if they give you “the look”.

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