How do I remove a towel bar from sheetrock when the screws are stripped?


Chelle asks:

I have a metal towel bar on my bathroom wall and the tiny little screws that hold the end brackets to the other brackets that were anchored into the wall are stripped. It’s not possible to unscrew them. Aside from ripping huge holes in the wall by just ripping the bar down, is there another less damaging way to get the bar off?


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Answer by Ben H
Get the screw out from sears. All of the other home improvement stores have them too……

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  1. Make sure they are indeed stripped, and not just screwed in so far so as to not be in the threads. If they are stripped, you can try yanking (as gently as possible!!) the brackets off the wall. You can fill the holes with spackle, and if you do it will, you’ll never be able to tell there were holes there.

    Proper application of spackle: Use your finger! Build up a large amount of spackle in the hole, filling it as well as you can. You should leave a little mound of spackle sticking out to account for shrinkage as it dries.

    When the spackle is completely dry, wipe off the mound with a wet rag. Paint over it, and there should be little evidence there was a gaping hole at all.

  2. Use a metal drill bit to drill the head of the screw off. Then the towel bar should come off, and you can use pliers to twist the screws out the rest of the way.

  3. Hi, You could go down to the local harware store and purchase a set of screw extractors. Wlat you will need is a drill to make a hole in the screw, Then you can screw in the extractor which has a reverse thread and unscrew the original screw with the normal counterclockwise rotation.
    Or, simply drill out the screw, which will leave a bit if damage, but not a ‘gaping hole’

  4. You may be able to drill them out as well. Take some drill bits and find one that is the same size or slightly larger and drill right through them..they are very small and short and should drill out quickly and easily

  5. There is an instrument sold at hardware stores. It is a stripped thread screw remover. It is used on the end of an electric drill. It drills into the top of the screw and grabs it so that it can be turned out of its position.
    I am not a handyman,so there might be better ideas from others here.

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