How do I keep my shower curtain clean?

Shower Curtain

Mimi asks:

Okay, so I wash my shower curtain liner as much as once a week but a few days after I hang it up in my shower again it gets yellowish at the bottom and crawling up to the top, and it stinks up the whole bathroom. It’s purely repulsive. What could cause this? How do I stop it? Thanks so much. =)

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Answer by John W
Put your liner outside the tub after you shower so it can vent and the water will evaporate, otherwise if you leave it inside the tub after a shower the water stays around and builds mold

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  1. Dawn dishwashing liquid.

    no kidding.
    this is a miracle of tuff scum buildup
    use it in the shower too

    good for red ants too
    half and half mix with water.. pour on ant hills.
    see ya!

  2. Do you have hard water?? installing a water softener could help a lot, also using CLR on your curtain every 2 days (just spritz it after you get out of the shower)

  3. I wash my shower curtain once weekly with a white towel and bleach! The bleach disinfects the curtain and the towel works to help clean the curtain during agitation. It always comes out crystal clear. And like another said, it helps to hang your curtain outside the tub to air dry when not in use to keep mold from growing.

  4. clean your drains first,, if it turns at the ends that quickly than u must have back-up from the drain or its not draining freely. Than just keep it up and let dry correctly. U know most curtains can be machine washed or go natural with vinegar.

  5. We have shower curtains in all our bathrooms, and part of the secret definitely is to let them dry completely before pulling them back, which is done by flipping them outside of the tub as mentioned and fully drawn. However, you also might consider buying a new curtain liner which is designated as “mildew resistant.” These cost just a few more dollars than basic liners and can go for several months without washing. When I do wash them, I make sure to add bleach (to kill mildew) and let them air dry on the clothes line.

  6. Depends on the fabric of the shower curtain but a lot of them recommend that you iron after washing – not just to remove creases but to kill the bacteria. If yours is getting mildew so quickly you must just be washing it on a cool wash and not ironing it so the bacteria is still there and will become active in the nice warm moist conditions after a shower.
    It also helps to every week to dip the ends of the shower curtain whilst still hanging into a bucket of diluted baby bottle sterlising fluid or very weak bleach for a couple hours or overnight. (Provided not too strong, no need to rinse this off just take out of the bucket and let it drip dry)
    Don’t use bars of soap in the shower (use shower gel) as mildew thrives on soap residue.
    Always hang the shower curtain after every shower so the air gets around and dries it quickly.
    Either ventilate very well or heat very well to reduce the time that the air in the shower room is moist.
    Trust me if you follow this it will work – I am still using the same shower curtain after 13 years and there is no mildew or mould on mine!!

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