How do I hang a shelving unit to support a lot of weight?

Shelving Unit

Renee asks:

I bought a shelving unit to install in my closet from which I will hang my clothes from. Since clothes can get very heavy what are the proper steps in hanging it. There are 4 places, in each corner, to screw to the wall. Can I do this with a simple screw driver?

Best answer:

Answer by Dan B
You can, but I would recommend that you drill pilot holse and mount the shelf supports into the wall studs.

2 thoughts on “How do I hang a shelving unit to support a lot of weight?

  1. when hanging something heavy you should put support brackets on every stud.while toggle bolts are good in some cases they are only supported by a small area of drywall and don’t hold much weight

  2. If the wall studs don’t line up with the places to hang it from amble on down to your favorite supply house and tell the clerk you are looking for “toggle bolts”. These come in different lengths and thicknesses.
    1/4″ should be strong enough to hold a 100 pounds or more. On the bolt are two “wings” that fold up to get then through the wall, only make the hole large enough to push the folded wings through. This can be done with a screw driver twisting it to puncture the sheetrock. The wings will snap open once through the wall. I have described the procedure as best I can without showing you but you should be able to figure it out from here. Any more questions, ask the handy man at the store.

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