How do I get my towel white again?


Marajade asks:

Something in the wash turned my white super-absorbent hair towel a dungy grey. Is there anything I can use to whiten it again?
So if I can’t get it white again (I did put it through the dryer without thinking, that type of day), can I at least use it without the colour transferring to my blonde hair?

Best answer:

Answer by cng66
I’d use some of that white powder stuff called oxyclean or similar. It has whitened dirty canvas shoes a treat when I have used it

3 thoughts on “How do I get my towel white again?

  1. Any of these things might help:

    Wash it in Tide w/ bleach and some Clorox,

    Or detergent and hydrogen peroxide,

    Or detergent and white vinegar.

    Whatever you use, wash it in HOT water.

    White vinegar in the final rinse can also help.

    If you’ve already dried it in a dryer, these might not work. But they’re worth a try.

    Hope this helps!

  2. to be honest – No…it was probably something dark blue in your wash that turned it that colour. it is like getting hair dye on your clothes or bleach on your clothes – nothing can change it back…sorry

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