How can I reduce the noise I make in an upstairs apartment in an old building?

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I have lived in an upstairs 1960’s apartment for almost 2 years now. I work two jobs, one during the day, and a second working from home in my office. The second job I work typically has me up till 3 or 4am, and it drives me mad thinking I am disturbing the person sleeping below me.

I have kept open communication with them, and told them to let me know if I am ever being too loud. They have done so 3 times so far. It seems that the biggest noise maker is not me walking around, but rather my office chair. After the second notification of noise, I decided it was best that I got a nice thick rug to place under the chair to hopefully reduce the noise. I then got a third complaint, and I feel very bad.

Whenever I am up working late, I avoid getting up and sitting down in my chair as much as possible, when I do I tip toe around. Also when I sit back down in my chair I try to put as much gradual pressure as possible before I sit to avoid a chair “THUMP”.

What other solutions can I think about? I have been debating on building a riser for my desk and chair, and adding TONS of foam and Dynamat. Part of me thinks this will make it even worse as it might make more of a deeper noise.
anythingwilldo: I understand that it is my life, and I pay the rent, but honestly I like to treat my neighbors as I would like them to treat me.

katherine: I live in a two bedroom apartment, and the people living below me are roommates so both rooms are bedrooms. I have no desire to move my desk and computer into the living room, as the defeats the whole idea of paying the extra rent for the extra room. Does your kids office have a Rug and/or laminate? or is it directly on the carpet/floor?

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Answer by anythingwilldo
It is your aprtment and you need to live your life as it suits you there. I understand you have concerns about the downstairs neighbours but you need to look after yourself as well! You have the freedom to be able to sit how you want in your own chair in your own place!

Having said that why not go to your carpet store and seek their advice – there must be specialist sound absorbing carpet? Using special underlay might just be the answer.

I couldn’t stand livng with such restrictions!

If you don’t own the building why not get the owner to add some insulating material to deafen noise.

Search the net for solutions – there will be the perfect one for you! Good luck.

Response – yes, but you are not living properly being so worried about neighbours. You could be spending your time enjoying life rather than concentrating on how to cater to neighbours.

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  1. Sure you have to live your life but don’t expect that folks will not complain when they can’t sleep for your noises.

    Is your office over their bedroom? If so is there a way you could move it to a spot elsewhere that is not over their sleeping area?

    My kid has an office in our home and it is over the den and when the rest of us watch TV in the evening I can tell you that chair drives us crazy.

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