GE Spacesaver Washer/Dryer is not draining?


Speedk0re asks:

My apartment has a GE Spacesaver Washer and Dryer combo that isn’t draining. Anybody have any suggestions about what it could be, or advice for the clumsiest person in the world and the task he’s about to undertake?

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Answer by sunshineannieid
Check your drain tube, prolly plugged with hair and other things. If you can’t see anything take wire hanger apart (make it straight) and wiggle it around in the house, don’t forget to check the pipe it drains into and do same thing with hanger.

One thought on “GE Spacesaver Washer/Dryer is not draining?

  1. I am guessing that you own this washer & dryer ?

    If you don’t, I would suggest that you and/or other tennants should go to your landlord & tell him to have it repaired since it is his responsibility.

    If it is yours you can try the ” clogged hose ” trick the guy above me said or you should listen & try to hear if the pump sounds like it is working.

    If the pump sounds ” dead ” ( no noise ) it may be a ” faulty program switch ” which is a more expensive repair or if the pump sounds like it ” is working ” but really is not working ….that is a much cheaper repair to replace a pump.

    IF the landlord is not responsible for these machines & IF the ” clogged hose ” trick doesn’t work—-Maybe you can ask your landlord if he knows a repairman or your apt. has a handyman ( or Superintendent as they call it in NY ) and maybe you can slip him a few bucks to look at it ?

    Keep us posted on your progress so I can know how to help you………..DADDYO

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