Foyer wall unit – storage bench/shelves/cabinet/shoe storage box?

Shoe Cabinet

eetrapnoel asks:

I have searched to no avail of even a picture of this. I can make myself but was trying to get ideas. It will be (yes) painted plywood at least 6ft tall. Basically a place to:
– sit when you come in
– take off and store your shoes without getting up
– hang your jacket and
– give additional storage for anything

Can anyone point me to some links before I go nuts with my own design?

Best answer:

Answer by Max Schnell
Look around IKEA for ideas; they have several of them.

4 thoughts on “Foyer wall unit – storage bench/shelves/cabinet/shoe storage box?

  1. Here are some links for you – the first two are image searches, the third is for a site with free plans. You can find quite a few plans using the search “hall bench plans”.;_ylt=A9G_bF_pajhLeDMATJWJzbkF?fr2=sg-gac&sado=1&p=hall%20tree%20storage%20bench&fr=sfp&ei=utf-8&x=wrt;_ylt=A9G_bI_3ajhL7BABjYSJzbkF?p=hall+bench&fr=sfp&ei=utf-8&x=wrt&y=Search

    Some things you may want to consider – use a metal tray, or plastic tub to store the shoes/boots in – there will be days they will be wet or muddy, and having a removable tray/tub will make clean up easier.
    If you are going to be sitting in front of where the coats will be hung, you may want to add some additional depth to the seat – tho, I’d make either a separate place to hang the coats (like on the ends of the bench, or a closet – again, with a liner on the bottom, for wet weather).
    You can put boot/shoe storage at floor level, and still have room for a little storage under the seat itself (like a piano bench does, for example).
    Make the unit wide enough for 2 adults to sit side by side, if you have the room for it (or wider), to help reduce ‘wait time’.
    Make it strong – you don’t want it falling apart, heheheh.

    We’d need more information about what you need/want and have room for in this project to get more specific.

    Have Fun

  2. The kitchen cabinet company DuraSupreme has a “boot bench” program where you can use different cabinets to assemble something like what you are describing. Maybe check out their website for some ideas.

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